News From Pre-Cata patches

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News From Pre-Cata patches

Post  Barricade on Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:47 pm

Alright soooo, the buildup for cataclysm on retail is actually pretty sweet, every like hour Orgrimarr and thunderbluff go under attack by all these crazy huge lvl 80 elementals,.. and i mean ALOT of elementals, and it ends up being like a 20 min long event, that ends with two bosses, it's pretty sweet. it's making the hype for Cata seem more real Razz.

As far as classes go, i've only really seen the changes on Druid and Hunter so far, as they are the only ones i have played, The drood gets most of it's cool abilities really early, and it gets cat form at lvl 8... therefore making the druids first 20 levels not suck monkey butt.
-- and hunters now have their focus instead of mana, which i was kinda sceptical on, but actually it makes the hunter flow really really good, and you have your pet at lvl 1 (which at lvl 10 you can go train a different one if you don't like the race pet) but you can't give it any commands or anything.. it just follows you around and acts as a guardian, then at lvl 10 you get the pet bar and can control it... from what i've heard same goes for warlock

Again i will let you know more as i know more, so far every thing doesnt seem like a complete letdown, the talents take a little getting used to, but it doesnt seem like you have to relearn the entire game like we all thought, but then again there is still time for blizz to change it, sooo all i can really do is hope for the best i suppose

AND last but not least i just wanted to let you all know i still miss you, and if any of you DO choose to come to retail pleeeeaaaaseee find me Razz ahahaha i'm getting to the point i'm about to just Create an Addiction guild on my realm and try and get a decent guild started up, these retail players are waaaay to hardcore and snobby for me XD

Best wishes and happy leveling

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