Jasper's wow history.

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Jasper's wow history.

Post  jasperledd on Sun Jan 23, 2011 11:44 pm

since im sure many people are interested i desided to explain alot here, this is my wow story

I started off wow as an ally called jasperledd and tru-wow, he was a rogue and i joined a guild called immortals. that guild went though a lot of changes, including mergers. and in the end the guild leader asked me to make a guild called the forsaken immortals (still alliance). eventually tru-wow split into pvp and pve and everyone from the immortals left for the pve while i stayed with the forsaken immortals. i led the forsaken immortals into becoming one of the great guilds in the game, i had a few devs and gms in my guild but at that time just regular players. eventually, i couldnt handle the pvp and joined pve and with that, the guild forsaken immortals died.

i the wow mafia shortly after being asked by mylove. i offered her to recruit people to which she agreed, pritty much most of the people of the wow mafia, well untill i joined alliance of course. anyways, i was doing a great job, and mylove wanted to make an alliance side. seeing that i was the best choice, I was asked to be the leader of the wow mafia alliance. eventually, i made the wow mafia alliance very big and invited someone you know as david (or dave as we like to call him) and i told him all about my wow story (in much better detail then this but seeing as that was like 2 years ago and i have been in wow for 4, i cant remember the details) and he found that interesting. i even added humanpally and his brother cody(yes cody that's in addiction)

mylove eventually quit playing wow for a few months, leading the wow mafia horde to be close to destruction and the wow mafia alliaince to prosper. however, i was leader of the guild and not guild leader. which ment that as the alliance side grew, the banks and everything could not keep up. eventually we decided to make the rising pheonix (davids idea of a name) and that guild lived great. but i took one of my long breaks from wow and the guild nearly died. i eventually brought the guild back to life again though my recruitment powers. when mylove came back for a short amount of time, we where very happy and i helped recruit for both rising pheonix and wow mafia again.

eventually, joey got unreasonably banned. when i learned about this i fought with joey to figure it out and get himself unbanned, but to no avail. this lead to me finding a server for joey and i to play on, we found bloodcraft. as joey and i played bloodcraft, i told tru-wow staff that wotlk was working very good and is not as unstable as they thought, to which they replied with "if you love the server so much you should stick to that sever you little fuck" well something like that. that got me so pissed off that i quit tru-wow and told everyone that i quit and am going to play with joey on bloodcraft, vamps and dave where the first to join bloodcraft.

we all lvled together and eventually joined vamps old guild (forgot the name). i used my recruitment talents to bring that guild back to live, however, we eventually left that guild because they would not pass leadership back to vamps. we had desided to make our own guild but had no idea what to name it. eventually, david came up with the idea addiction to say how addicted we where to world of warcraft. with us gone from tru-wow the wow mafia was dieing and decided to join us on bloodcraft. with everyone signing the chart, addiction was born. as for us trying to lvl up together, that did not work out as joey and vamps were too fast at lvling up and david and i were much to slow. david eventually came up with an idea saying we should lvl together on the alliance side, to which i took to heart.

eventually, i desided i would do as dave asked and i joined the alliance side to lvl up with dave. i didn't want my char to be known by my friends so i named him zell. eventually, i liked the alliance side community better then the horde and i ended up sticking to the alliance. i joined a guild called gonjan immortals lead by krratos. and once again raised the guild up with recruiting. i took many breaks and eventually came back and learned that i was no longer in the guild. shocked i came online and joined a guild called the dark brotherhood for a few weeks untill i saw phyzical (old krratos) and he told me that "my brother went onto my account, kicked everyone out then destroyed my char" and asked me to join his. with that i joined perpetual ascension.

once again i raised Perpetual Ascension and invited many people (including jocka, tanthalis, and deladrim). and the guild leader eventually left. giving leadership to deladrim, after asking me first and i declined because i knew that with my extended breaks i would not be a good guild leader. making perpetual ascension huge. we had a total of 11 80s including sloth, tanthalis, deladrim, me, jocka, illuyankas and many others. however, tanthalis decided to make his own guild, a lvl 60-80 only guild called hall of heroes and took all the high levels of the except deladrim, jocka, sheryna, illuyankas and I. Deladrim left shortly afterworlds to which i told his cousin "If deladrim will not be playing wow anymore, then tell him ill take it, although i dont want to, i would rather be guild leader then let the guild i have worked hard die." and with that i became the guild leader of Perpetual Ascension. eventually, i got too bored of wow and needed a break. i thought that since my breaks are always long i should give leadership up. talking to the guild, we decided that jocka would be the best bet for the guild leadership. which ended up destroying the guild.

anyways, eventually, I found wow onsale and decided to join retail. i went under mylove (although tanthalis a.k.a tantard as called by P.A.) and joined her guild, like shiny things. eventually, jocka wanted to join me so he signed under me. missing addiction i decided to keep a teamspeak 3 server up which i keep up all the time.

that's pretty much it, im recently in retail, being pestered by tantard about how awesome he is, having dirty talks with likes shiny things, and also playing on my alliance rogue.

that is pretty much my life on wow in a nut shell. this all within a span of 4 years i think and i have taken about 1.5 years off in breaks i think. possibly 2 years.


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