WoW Addons WotLK 3.3.5

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WoW Addons WotLK 3.3.5

Post  Orcazms on Sat Jul 30, 2011 10:00 am

Have you ever found out about a new addon or an addon was recommended to you by a friend and then when you searched for a download link on google (or all you can find are links to the Cataclysm version of the addon which won't work on our server's patch version. So I decided to upload some of my addons for everyone to use. To the best of my knowledge all these addons work with Bloodcraft. Also, I make no claim to having created any of these addons, I am merely distributing them. I take no responsibility for any damage they may cause, etc. Download using the mediafire link. Click on the link to get a description for each addon.

Ackis Recipe List: ?0c9ud97csdp76z6

Addon Control Panel: ?3a86ykrb1dbfbhm

This is Cataclysm version but it works with Bloodcraft (It contains the new dungeons for Cataclysm too lol). ?j6akmyqowtqaqli

Atlas Loot: ?t35xr9iroqwxiwm

Auctionator: ?q61a4tmx2d0b0aj

Auto Delete:
Deletes all items looted specified by user. (no link) ?nvxv5p0u1nanc2n

Bagnon: ?qz1d7i5bzaq8ws3

Bartender4: ?sqrn7q8pa83p211

Bean Counter: ?kmg1fz3qs3wyib3

Carbonite: ?nkr9175h36n3nd9

Chatter: ?rlq1jzw8pfd6jko

Deadly Boss Mods: ?pl08ofxwl0oe3vl

Elk Buffs: ?46j2gej7cxykme6

Gatherer: ?7n8y2dsy71hnndy

Shows a tooltip with a rating for gear. ?tcrca2ahxdd52th

Grid: ?tko1by210q99v9k

HealBot: ?wahd87bhictcyyd

Buff Informant: ?1hdqaz492igsvut

Market Watcher: ?xjgua3aqu93ipjm

Mik Scrolling Battle Text: ?c8b6ic8lu3i01yc

Omen: ?xu6zadac27dqvj0

OmniCC: ?ca96qolo71ibqgo

OneBag: ?x47avdbjnn43mbc

Postal: ?o4c3bcv4xuigsp8

Quartz: ?flakp97zbbtikj5

Recount: ?bn7gd1hcwpt9zd7

Silver Dragon: ?637i4t99p8a3558

Unit Frame addon. ?de45tt0fa847k48

Titan Panel: ?kvvm4bv4b2myoiv

VisualHeal: ?nv69ag9cc7tdpkr

Vuhdo: ?h0hshpbu507i2xv

XPerl: ?lvw99q2btws1hhf

ZOMGBuffs: ?u57am4calkjxdp4

Hope someone finds these usefull Smile and please feel free to upload your addons too. Or PM me and I'll add them to this post Smile

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